One of the most crucial considerations for a plant or facility is safety. Slips and falls are among the leading causes of workplace accidents. Ladders, scaffoldings, and equipment steps and platforms, especially in wet and slippery environments, can pose significant threats to worker safety.


Safety grating is an essential element at any plant or facility. These metal surface coverings provide increased traction when walking on any surface exposed to hazardous conditions, reducing the risk of injury or falls. By installing safety grating in all high-traffic areas, manufacturers and managers can greatly increase safety conditions and lower chances of injuries from falls and slips.

Safety grating is available in a number of varieties for almost any situation or environment in order to ensure the safest, accident-free situations across industries. The three most common types of Metalex safety grating are Open-Grip®, Tread-Grip®, and DeckSpan®.

DeckSpan® safety grating

DeckSpan® safety grating is widely used in construction sites, plants, and facilities. It is a one-piece construction that is lightweight, self-framing, and able to withstand heavy loads. It consists of a diamond configuration surface pattern with a relief hole at the point of the diamond, created by cross-hatching reticulated and formed metal struts. This results in a self-cleaning pattern that allows for the passage of light and waste materials.

The design of DeckSpan® safety grating makes it perfect for environments where maximum grip is needed to ensure safety. This includes features for use inside facilities such as catwalks, open flooring, balconies, stair treads, platforms, and walkways.

DeckSpan® safety grating is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Standard channels are featured in sizes ranging from 4-3/4”  wide( 2 diamonds )e to 24” wide ( 10 diamond )- and standard lengths are 121-1/2” and 144” long. They are also available in Pre-Galvanized, or Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled, in 14 or 12 gauge thickness. Other materials include .080” and .100” 5052-H32 aluminum and 16-gauge stainless steel 304-2B.

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