deck-span-safety-gratingSlips and falls are one of the primary causes of injury in industrial plants and facilities. Walkways, ladders, steps, and platforms can all be risky, especially in conditions where water, oil, or grease can collect on surfaces. To ensure the safety of personnel in your facility, it is important to install quality safety grating in high-traffic areas.

The improved traction provided by metal surface grating helps prevent slips and enhances the overall safety of your operations. Safety grating can be fabricated in a variety of designs to meet the needs of different environments and applications. Metalex’s DeckSpan® diamond grating is specially engineered to provide optimal grip in extremely slippery and moist environments.

What Is Diamond Grating?

Diamond grating is a metal product with a diamond surface pattern created by cross-hatched reticulated metal struts. The struts offer excellent slip resistance in every direction, for maximum traction in nearly any environment. Our DeckSpan® Safety Grating guarantees that your facility’s walkways, steps, ladders, and other walking surfaces are safe and slip free. Not only do our DeckSpan® gratings offer optimal grip for high traffic areas, they exhibit a high strength-to-weight ratio, making them easy to install and extremely reliable for load-bearing applications without placing additional stress on the surrounding structure.

Our DeckSpan® safety grating is manufactured in a wide assortment of shapes and sizes to meet your specific needs. Standard channels are available in sizes from 4-3/4″ (2 diamonds) wide up to 11/34 (5 Diamonds) wide, with standard lengths from 121-1/2″ to 144″. Our Deck Span® products come in 12 and 14 gauge HRPO and pre-galvanized steel, 5052-H32 aluminum and 16 gauge, 304-2B stainless steel.  Saw cut lengths available upon request.

Diamond Grating Benefits

DeckSpan® diamond grating is an optimal surface treatment for high traffic areas as it offers a number of unique benefits over other grating options, including:

  • High load capacity
  • Long service life
  • Enhanced employee and visitor safety
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Highly versatile
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Rigorous performance testing
  • Lightweight
  • Exceptional slip resistance

Whether you are in need of a safe surface for your industrial platform or a slip-resistant surface for a maintenance ladder, Metalex’s Deck Span® diamond grating can be shaped and tailored to meet the needs of your application.

Diamond Grating Applications

DeckSpan® is uniquely engineered for use in hazardous environments where reliable traction is necessary to ensure worker safety.  It is the perfect surface grating for numerous applications, including:

  • Planks
  • Catwalks
  • Channels
  • Walkways
  • Stair treads
  • Ladder rungs
  • Open flooring
  • Platforms
  • Balconies
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Trucks & Trailers

The lightweight, easy-to-install metal grating can withstand high traffic and heavy loads, while the diamond cross-hatch pattern features relief holes that allow for easy passage of waste material and light, which simplifies drain flow and cleaning processes. These features make DeckSpan® diamond safety grating ideal for use in industrial plants and facilities, construction sites, food and beverage operations, and other industries in which slippery conditions are common.

Deck Span® Safety Grating From Metalex

At Metalex, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality safety gratings for nearly any setting. Our lightweight DeckSpan®, Open-Grip®, and Tread-Grip® safety gratings are easily customized to facilitate secure, accident-free activities in environments with high slip potential. From maintenance platforms and walkways to ladders and stair treads, Metalex has the perfect grating design for your needs.

In addition to our quality diamond gratings, we are pleased to offer an extensive range of perforated, expanded, and rail metal products for use in filtration, barriers, railways, structures, and a range of other commercial, industrial, and residential applications. With more than 50 years in the metalworking industry, Metalex has the experience and knowledge necessary to design and manufacture custom expanded and perforated metal products to meet and exceed even the most stringent customer expectations. To learn more about our products and services, contact us today.

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