• Metalex Debuts New Facility in Mexico

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    Metalex is pleased to announce another stride in our expansion with the June 2016 Grand Opening of our new manufacturing facility in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

    mexicomapOur new operation will place Metalex in close proximity to our end users in Mexico, in addition to opening production capacity for industrial manufacturing at our United States facilities.

    The addition of our new plant is a positive step in our company’s continuous growth. Our improved operational bandwidth will allow Metalex to serve its key customers better than ever and extend that service to our growing global customer base. The end result will be higher production volume with improved efficiency.
    The 75,000-square-ft. plant will employ 35 new team members to produce our industry-leading engineered metal products and grow to fill local demand for safety grating, perforated metal and expanded metal.

    Local manufacturing of these products, which saw high demands within the region, will save on overall shipping costs and efficiently allocate assets throughout the company.

    With the grand opening of our new manufacturing facility, we look forward to enhancing the relationship between our partners in Mexico and meeting market demand in the Americas.

    If you’re interested in working with Metalex at our new location, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

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  • Morton Rail Products Launches Partnership with Unity Railway Supply

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    Morton Rail Products has announced a new, authorized distribution partner in Unity Railway Supply effective immediately. The new partnership will focus on the rail repair market to drive improved service and delivery to our valued customers.  “As we continue to improve our internal lean operations at our Libertyville factories and simultaneously launch our new facility in San Louis Potosi, Mexico, it was also just as important to align ourselves with a partner who understands the railroad industry and could help us better serve our customer base.  We strongly believe we have that strategic partner with Bill O’Connor, Marc Trani and the team at Unity Railway Supply,” says Jeff Fleming, VP of Sales and Marketing at Morton Rail Products.

    About Morton Rail Products:

    Since 1903, Morton Rail Products has designed and manufactured Open-Grip® and Deck-Span® safety grating in the form of running boards, platforms and brake steps for the railroad industry.  The innovative design of Morton Rail Products Open-Grip® running boards offers integral “wiped” ends that are easy to handle and install. They subsequently provide a secure transition between boards that are laid end-to-end, eliminating the need for mechanically fastened end supports.  All our products are manufactured to meet or exceed current AAR standards and practices.  In addition, we are a registered ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer.

    Our engineering and manufacturing expertise allow us to understand our customer’s design challenges and develop solutions to solve our customer’s unique applications while providing the industry leading, slip-resistant walking surfaces.  The product line continues to grow with Auto Rack side sheets, intermodal platforms, locomotive steps and customer specific designs.  Morton Rail Products is part of Metalex, a Jason Company.

    About Unity Railway Supply:

    Unity Railway Supply Co., Inc. based in Bensenville, Illinois is a leading representative and distributor for a number of established manufacturers of freight car components serving railroads, new car builders and repair shops throughout North America.

    We were incorporated in 1960 as a manufacturers’ representative and stocking distributor to the railway industry. Today, Unity Railway Supply distributes a wide array of products to complement the various needs of our customers. Components provided are AAR approved where applicable and are produced in accordance with AAR M-1003 and/or ISO 9001:2008.

  • Celebrating the New Merger between Metalex and Morton Manufacturing

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    We are proud to announce Metalex’s merger with Morton Manufacturing Company, an Illinois-based manufacturer of industrial safety grating and railroad running boards.

    At Metalex and Morton Manufacturing, we are under the umbrella of Jason Industries, parent company to a global group of leading manufacturers in the components, seating, finishing, and automotive acoustics markets. Moving forward both companies will both effectively begin operations under the Metalex name.

    The change brings with it a new logo, website, and tagline that better represents the full scope of our product offerings and comprehensive solutions, as only our organization is able to provide.

    Building on Existing Synergies

    metalex-logoThe partnership between Metalex and Morton Manufacturing began in 2013, when our two companies first combined operations. In the following months, we continued to leverage each other’s strengths while reinforcing the performance and expertise of both teams. This merger finally solidifies the union between our two companies.

    According to Jason Industries CEO David Westgate, both Morton and Metalex had successful histories as stand-alone businesses, but merging the two companies made sense “due to the countless synergies between their products and processes.”

    “We anticipate that the new Metalex will be a boon to customers who will benefit from an expanded range of resources and knowledge,” Westgate said.

    New, Fitting Tagline

    We are celebrating the new merger with Morton Manufacturing with a tagline that reflects exactly what both companies offer to customers. According to Steve Carollo, Vice President and General Manager at Metalex, the tagline “Expertise. Execution. Excellence.” neatly “summarizes our corporate values and strengths.”

    The expertise, execution, and excellence we are celebrating highlights both companies’ long-standing experience across a variety of industries and their commitment to unparalleled customer service, offering superior, unique solutions and high quality performance in all areas of enterprise.

    Celebrating Things to Come

    The benefits of the merger to both companies are numerous. Being a company under the Jason Industries umbrella, we practice the “Jason Business System,” a collaborative manufacturing strategy focused on operational excellence, continual innovation, and periodic improvement. The merger signifies a stronger commitment to these values and will allow each company to expand their business capacity.

    Customers stand to benefit the most from the merger. By combining their business, we are also renewing their dedication to providing high quality service, through which customers work with familiar teams and use the same, superior products. The merger will allow both us and Morton to handle more business than ever before while reducing lead times and improve on the quality of service customers have come to expect.