Strong security starts with a reinforced physical perimeter. Many facilities are finding that the use of expanded metal fencing gives their premises a superior line of defense against external surveillance and threats. This type of fencing especially benefits critical infrastructure facilities such as


  • Water treatment plants
  • Petrochemical stations
  • Data centers
  • Power grids


Expanded metal fencing provides a climb-proof physical barrier that prevents the incapacitation or destruction of these facilities. By doing so, it provides the first line of defense against threats to national security, public health, and confidentiality. In this post, we explore the many different ways anti-climb security fences are essential to facilities across the nation.

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Security Fencing for Water Facilities and Wastewater Plants

Wastewater treatment plants are critical to preserving public health and protecting the environment, which makes security at these facilities of the utmost importance. These facilities provide clean drinking water to more than 80% of the U.S. population, and they treat sewage produced by three out of every four U.S. households.

Because these systems are so vital, they’re prominent targets for attack. This makes it essential to secure your facilities with high-security mesh fences along the exterior perimeter and to protect key internal spaces. Security fence panels enforce a hierarchy of access, especially when combined with strict access control systems.

Use high-security fence systems as the first line of defense against attacks such as:

  • Chemical gas attacks
  • Intentional contamination
  • Cyberattacks that rely on proximity, network access, or the installation of physical hardware

Petrochemical Industry Security Fencing

Petrochemical plants and storage facilities are equally vulnerable to attack without industrial security fences. Targeted attacks on petrochemical plants can devastate supply chains for much of the nation’s economy and slow down global trade. Not to mention, damage to petrochemical plants can result in severe environmental damage that can have lasting effects on groundwater and soil quality.

Developing and implementing a comprehensive safety and security program will help protect your employees as well as the public as a whole. Start by enclosing the whole property with an anti-climb mesh panel fencing that deters both illegal entrance and surveillance. Reinforced chain-link security gates can also monitor authorized access points.

Once the property is enclosed, your security team can develop stricter internal security measures to oversee movement and activity on the site.

Data Center Security Fencing

Data centers across the country hold terabytes of the United States’ most critical personal, commercial, and government data. Many data centers rely on anonymity to fly under the radar, operating from nondescript, unmarked buildings. However, you can further strengthen your data center’s physical security by installing high-security mesh fences that provide an extra layer of defense without attracting attention.

These fences can help keep unauthorized persons off the property entirely. Additional high-security fence systems protect generators, server rooms, and other potential access points of your facility.

Not only do expanded metal fences prevent unauthorized access, they also help your security staff better monitor unusual activity. Wirewall high-security fence systems come with special abilities to let your staff see out without letting intruders see in. When your data center holds valuable data and hardware that powers the country’s digital systems, using expanded metal fencing is a must.

High-Security Systems for Power and Utility Grids

Power grids and high-voltage transformer units across the country provide the vast majority of electricity to the United States’ buildings and electronics. A failure in even one of these facilities can result in power loss for large swathes of the country. Interference at remote power facilities does not have to be malicious in intent, as people and animals can accidentally interfere with dangerous hardware at unprotected stations, endangering both themselves and the surrounding area.

Anti-climb security fences are the first step for protecting your facilities and substations from both intentional attacks and accidental breaches. Anti-climb fencing can deter climbing trespassers, especially at far-flung locations without security personnel.

Recent security exercises have focused congressional interest on the physical security of high-voltage transformers, prompting new grid security initiatives by utilities and federal regulators. Electrical substations in particular need more robust security features to deter both accidental and malicious intruders.

Expand Your Defense with Metalex

Metalex designs security fencing solutions tailored to all kinds of critical facilities. Because we manufacture our fences by slitting and stretching metal sheets, expanded metal won’t unravel and is incredibly durable. Each fence comes with diamond shapes that boost their strength and rigidity.

We offer secure fencing solutions available in a wide range of sizes and patterns, and we also custom-cut metal products to your specifications. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about how we will help safeguard your facility against unauthorized entry.



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