Proper security fencing on constructions sites is crucial not only to internal site safety, but also public safety. A construction fence protects the public from accidental intrusions or injuries, prevents would-be thieves from stealing construction materials or equipment, and wards off other external hazards such as wild animals. While there are a variety of fencing solutions available to provide security fencing at construction sites, the most effective solution available today is expanded metal mesh fencing.

The Benefits of Expanded Metal Mesh Security Fences

While everyday fences have traditionally been used to site secure construction sites, security and construction professionals have begun to discover that expanded metal fencing addresses a number of security concerns that common fences cannot.  Expanded metal is cut resistant, making them much stronger than everyday fences. Similarly, its smaller openings make climbing difficult while preventing anybody from seeing through it.

To get maximum security benefits from fencing, make sure to set it up as far in advance of the project as possible. This gives people in the surrounding area a chance to get used to the fence’s presence, establishes the perimeter of the project site, and lets passersby know well in advance that the site will be secure. To ensure beginning-to-end project safety and security, the fencing should be the last thing to come down after the project is completed. This will be especially useful at the beginning and end of the project, when curious trespassers may try to get into the site.

Construction Site Security Tips

When planning your construction site fencing and security, consider the following:

Fence Height

Put up the tallest expanded metal mesh security fence possible to make it even more difficult to climb. Fence toppers such as concertina wire may also be applied to ensure that climbing over the fence is nearly impossible.

Points of Entry

If possible, limit site access to a single entry/exit point. This makes it much more difficult for unauthorized visitors to get into the site without detection, where they could injure themselves and hold the construction company or project owner legally and financially responsible. If the project requires multiple entrances, make sure that gates can be secured, that there is no room to slip underneath the gate when it is unattended, and that key control for points of entry is strictly controlled.

Metal Mesh Storage

Much like expanded metal mesh fencing, metal mesh storage cages are exceedingly difficult to cut or damage, ensuring that all equipment can be stored safely while not in use.

For those who want additional options beyond the security provided by metal mesh fencing and cages, other potential security solutions include security guards, flood lighting, signage, and visible security cameras. Any or all of these things can complement the security provided by your expanded metal mesh security fence.

By itself, a metal mesh security fence offers an array of essential features, including:

  • A surface that resists climbing
  • Greater resistance to cutting
  • Increased security levels
  • Uniform structure and rigidity
  • Easy delivery
  • Simple installation

Expanded Metal Mesh Fence Applications

Expanded metal mesh fences are an ideal solution for high-security applications such as:

  • Substation security
  • Perimeter security
  • Electrical grid security
  • Homeland security
  • Parks and recreation security
  • Stadiums and arenas security
  • Data center security
  • Petro-chemical security
  • Water and wastewater security
  • Manufacturing security
  • Warehouse and distribution security
  • Many other security applications

Compared to other fencing solutions, expanded metal solutions from Metalex feature many ideal qualities for security such as:

  • Strength
  • Visual barriers
  • Greater levels of security
  • Uniform structure and rigidity
  • Resistance to cutting
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Long service life
  • Simple to maintain

Metalex has been in the business of providing expanded metal solutions since 1962. To learn more about Metalex’s expanded metal mesh products, view our wide range of expanded metal mesh sizes and check out our expanded metal sizes chart. If you don’t see what you need, our capabilities extend beyond our standard products. We offer many special patterns and custom solutions, so contact our design and engineering teams if you have a special project or design need. We offer practical recommendations and solutions that are specific to your needs.

For more information, contact us or request a quote today.

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