Filtration and exhaust systems rely on perforated tubes to effectively trap dust and other harmful materials across all types of industries and applications.

Click on the circles in our interactive infographic below to better understand how perforated tubes improve both air filtration and liquid filtration systems.

  • Expanded metal A high-performing air filtration system utilizes controlled pore sizes to allow air through while trapping dust and particles. The metal also provides a sturdy support frame to give a solid foundation for enhanced airflow.
  • Perforated metal A perforated tube (spiral, welded or abutted) is applied to the inside of the filter to support the media and maintain the quality of the liquid passing through it. Metalex's perfo - rated outer wrap is also used as a strong metal frame on the outside of the filter for added support.

Perforated Tube Applications

Used inside the filter to support the media, a perforated tube can also be used in the exterior as a strong metal frame for added support.

For liquid filtration applications, a perforated tube provides support via the filter’s interior and maintains the quality of the liquid passing through.

In air filtration applications, the controlled pore size of the perforated metal allows for proper dust and particle trapping.

Common uses for perforated tubes in filtration include:

  • Hydraulic filtration
  • Oil filtration
  • Drainage
  • Food processing

Filter Material Options

Compared to wire mesh filters, perforated metal filters provide superior resistance to crimping and bending, as well as better durability and rigidity. A range of patterns and design options are available for perforated metal in air filtration or liquid filtration.

For instance, two seam styles — roll formed and spiral formed — are available to complement multiple perforation pattern choices, and special finishes like powder coatings, paint, or electropolishing can be added.

Materials for perforated metal filters include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Cold-rolled steel
  • Tin plate
  • Aluminum

Thanks to their excellent durability and corrosion resistance, perforated metal tubes are the ideal solution for air filtration and liquid filtration systems. To learn more about Metalex’s perforated tube offerings, download our free eBook, “Proper Selection for Perforated Products.”