Metal Solutions for Heavy Truck Manufacturers

At Metalex, we’re proud to offer a wide range of custom metal solutions for the heavy truck manufacturing industry.
To meet the needs of your specific project, we supply dependable solutions from slip-resistant grating to protective grills and filters.

Use our interactive infographic below by clicking on the circles to see how our metal products serve heavy trucking applications.

Libertyville, IL 60048 P: 847.362.5400 | Toll Free: 877.667.8634 (Outside Chicago Area) | F: (847) 362-7939 | Steps andSafety PlatformDeck Span® Safety grating's unique diamond design offers 360° slip resistance and outstanding load-carrying capabilities.Open Grip® Metalex's safety grating solution that includes debossed holes to permit the flow of air, heat and light. Exhaust Guard Metalex's perforated metal is the optimal choice for exhaust guards — the patterns allow for airflow to cool the inside systems, preventing overheating and safety issues. Expanded MetalThe expanded metal process produces less waste and can therefore offer increased cost savings for your grill. Metalex's expanded metal also provides structural strength for heavytruck grills. Grill Perforated MetalPerforated grills offer superiorprotection against dust, debris and weathering. Metalex's range of capabilities allows you to choose from a variety of hole sizes,thickness and patterns. Expanded MetalControlled pore sizes are key to a high- performing air filtration system. With Metalex expanded metal, yo can select from arange of mesh sizes andpatterns. Liquid/Air Filtration Perforated MetalInside trucks, liquid filtration leverages perforated metal for hydraulic, fuel and oil systems. The strong metal frame allows fluids to pass through and canhandle high pressures.

Metalex’s custom sheet metal solutions provide superior protection to your heavy trucking application. Perforated and expanded metal patterns defend truck parts from debris and water, and add airflow to prevent overheating. Our safety grating solutions create added slip resistance for truck operators.

Custom Metal in Semi-Truck and Transportation Industries

Through our perforated and expanded metal services, we’re able to provide unique metal products for truck and transit manufacturers. Some common applications include:

  • Grills (perforated and expanded metal) — Custom metal grills offer superior protection against dust, debris, and weathering, while also providing extra structural strength.
  • Filtration (perforated and expanded metal) — Metal filtration solutions help manage both liquid and air, allowing hydraulic fluids, fuel, and outside air to pass easily through systems. Our filters are ideal for high-pressure handling, and their controlled pore size allows for superior performance.
  • Exhaust Guards (perforated metal) — The specially engineered metal patterns on our exhaust guards allow for airflow to cool inside systems, thereby preventing overheating and reducing the risk of safety issues.
  • Steps and Safety Platforms (perforated and expanded metal) — Metal safety grating on steps and safety platforms offers slip resistance and outstanding load-carrying capabilities.

Custom Metal Solutions at Metalex

The Metalex team is proud to offer a wide range of pattern and material options for the trucking industry.

For over five decades, we’ve worked with architects, manufacturers, and fabricators to create high-quality, long-lasting solutions. And with the widest range of expanded metal products in the industry, we’re able to provide versatile, reliable solutions for all types of projects — no matter how specialized or complex.

To learn more about our custom metal work for the heavy trucking and transportation industries, reach out to us today.