Metalex is one of the premier manufacturers of speaker grilles, an important feature of sound equipment. High quality, aesthetically pleasing Metalex speaker grille mesh can be found everywhere from personal music devices, to car speakers, industrial speakers and more. Metalex creates speaker grilles, a major component of speakers. If you require a speaker grille, reach out to a Metalex representative today.

Types of Speaker Grilles.

Speaker GrillesSpeaker grilles are a metallic mesh that form a protective cover over the speaker’s cone. The grilles are perforated in some way in order to allow sound to pass through it without distortion.

At Metalex, our team can provide speaker grilles for any type of application and meet a wide range of design requirements. These include:

Commercial Devices — These are speaker grilles found in headphones and other consumer devices, such as home audio systems. Commercial device speaker grilles must focus on cosmetics. Quality is critical, and each perforation needs to be perfect. Grilles for these applications are usually painted.

Automotive Speakers — Like commercial devices, these grilles are heavily cosmetic. The grilles must be designed to both protect the speaker and be aesthetically pleasing.

Industrial Applications — Speakers for industrial applications are often heavy-duty and do not always require particular aesthetic considerations. These speakers are often mounted in the ceiling of office complexes or sit on top of an amplifier on stage during a concert.

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Creating speaker grilles that are right for your application takes some planning. Hole sizes, patterns, and specific grille diameters to accommodate the speakers all need consideration.

Materials are also a factor. Although the majority of speaker grilles are formed from aluminum or mild steel, some grilles have specific material requirements that may be harder to punch. Speaker grilles can be galvanized or bare, depending on the needs of the application.

As a manufacturer, Metalex is involved early in the design process of your grilles. Regardless of hole size, pattern, or grille diameter, we will assist you in fabricating the grille that best suits your needs.

Metalex knows your quality requirements are high, and we have the know-how to get it done right. With over 1,000 holes in some custom grilles, consistency and repeatability are key.

Adaptability — Not Just Perforated Metal

If your speaker grille requires a new pattern, Metalex can help you design and produce it. Our experts can identify any difficulties in creating your new grille, create tooling that will work, and then send it into production.

Additionally, we can manufacture custom speaker grilles using expanded metal, rather than perforated. Metalex is one of the few manufacturers in the industry with both perforated and expanded metal capabilities under the same roof.

Some of the reasons you may need expanded grilles are:

  • Aesthetic design considerations might require our expanded metal
  • Expanded metal contains more open space than perforated metals, which could be a necessary requirement.

Learn more about factors to consider for speaker grille manufacturing in our guide, Early Supplier Involvement in Speaker Grilles.

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If you require a speaker grille, contact Metalex today. Our expert design team can assist you from design through production, and guarantee a consistent, high-quality product that will satisfy your application needs.