Whether your needs include border fencing, rail yards, or logistics depots, expanded metal is the product of choice for today’s more robust security requirements.

Metalex is an industry-leading manufacturer of expanded metal products for a variety of industries. The versatility of expanded metal’s in strength, shape, and size makes it ideal for a diverse array of security applications in business, homes, and factories, as well as in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Expanded metal security fencing provides unparalleled protection. Expanded metal offers the benefits of superior impact and tensile strength while being impossible to scale and being difficult to cut with bolt cutters.

Expanded metal is the ideal material choice for:

security fence metals

Security for Transformer Substations

High-voltage transformer units carry 60% to 70% of the nation’s electricity. Because of this, they are vulnerable to attacks that result in widespread grid failure. Recent security exercises have focused congressional interest on the physical security of HV transformers, prompting new grid security initiatives by utilities and federal regulators.

expanded metal for security fencing

Among the physical security measures being recommended by these regulators are visual barriers such as opaque or hardened fencing, taller fences and protective walls. Expanded metal meets all of these qualities, especially when compared to a chain link fence:

  • Strength: Expanded metal does not bend; it remains rigid and cannot fray or become undone.
  • Difficult to cut: While chain link fencing can be broken by bolt cutters, expanded metal provides a true physical barrier that denies any unwanted access.
  • Added visual barrier: Smaller openings and thicker metal material makes it difficult to see through expanded metal fencing.
  • Difficult to climb: In addition, smaller openings and patterns make expanded metal the ideal choice to keep out intruders.

Metalex has the capability to fabricate and manufacture expanded metal security fencing completely tailored to your security needs. Expanded metal security fencing can be available in a wide range of mesh sizes and shapes, including large, heavy, and grating meshes. Mesh sizes are flexible, strong, and economical, with heavy and large mesh pattern patterns available in ¾” to 1 ½” and larger.

Technical Info

Nominal weight and dimensions of all expanded metals are approximate. A variation of 10% is permitted. Weights, thickness, dimensions and sizes are subject to mill tolerances.

**Special patterns are available. Call your Metalex sales representative for more information.

Large and Heavy Meshes

KS093/4" - #9* 10 GA. - Standard1800.9232.000.031268%
KF093/4" - #9* 10 GA. - Flat1710.9232.100.12063%
KS1503/4" - #9* 9 GA. - Standard2510.9232.000****
KF1503/4" - #9* 9 GA. - Flat2380.9232.100****
KS073/4" - #7 - Standard3130.9232.000****
KF073/4" - #7 - Flat3000.9232.100****
KS053/4" - #5 - Standard4370.9232.000****
KF053/4" - #5 - Flat4160.9232.100****
LS091" - #9 9 GA. - Standard2301.0002.400****
LF091" - #9 9 GA. - Flat1881.0002.500****
LS071" - #7 - Standard2161.0002.400****
LF071" - #7 - Flat2041.0002.500****
LS051" - #5 - Standard4031.0002.400****
LF051" - #5 - Flat3831.0002.500****
MF141 1/2" - #14 - Flat461.3303.2000.06080%
MS131 1/2" - #13 - Standard601.3303.0000.24285%
MF131 1/2" - #13 - Flat571.3303.2000.07880%
MS101 1/2" - #10 13 GA. - Standard791.3303.0000.28480%
MS091 1/2" - #9 10 GA. - Standard1201.3303.0000.31276%
MF091 1/2" - #9* 10 GA. - Flat1141.3303.2000.11075%
MS061 1/2" - #6 - Standard2501.3303.0000.43369%
MF061 1/2" - #6 - Flat2351.3303.200****
WS092" - #9 10 GA. - Standard901.8504.0000.31284%
WF092" - #9 10 GA.- Flat801.8254.3550.11083%
NG3# Grating - Standard3001.3305.3300.54060%
NGF3# Grating - Flat2801.3305.670****
PG3.14# Grating - Standard3142.0006.0000.65669%
PGF3.14# Grating - Flat2952.0006.380****