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Manufacturer of Perforated Products, Expanded Metal, Safety Grating and Rail Products

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Proper Selection for Perforated Products

There are many factors that go into selecting the right thickness, hole size, hole shape, spacing, and more for perforated products. We’ve created an eBook with an in-depth walkthrough of these factors and how they should be considered.

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Perforated Products

From mild steel to alloys, from plastics to composites, at Metalex we have the engineering and manufacturing experience to meet your needs. From short run to high volume, special orders to managed stocking programs, standard sheet dimensions to custom part sizes, we have the versatility to meet your specific requirements.

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Expanded Metals

Available in a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and a wide range of mesh sizes. Expanded metal is almost infinitely variable in pattern and can be specified to achieve the most critical characteristic for your applications. Our design/engineering team will work closely with you to offer practical recommendations and design solutions.

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Safety Grating

In the work place, employee safety cannot be compromised. We provide excellent products that help prevent slips/falls in the work place or on OEM equipment. Our Open Grip® (round hole pattern), Deck Span® (diamond pattern) and Tread Grip® (upset buttons) have been used in a wide variety of environments since 1903 with unprecedented quality, service and value.

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Morton Rail Products

We have been providing safe walking surfaces to the railroad freight car industry since 1903. Our Morton running boards, end platforms, brake steps, intermodal platforms and locomotive steps are all AAR approved. One of the unique advantages of our Open Grip (round hole pattern) is the ability to have wiped ends which provide flexibility and add strength when boards are laid end to end.

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