Safety Grating: A Safer Alternative for Work Platforms

Gaining additional workspace can be difficult in many commercial locations. Platform grating allows for the optimization of vertical space in numerous work environment types, creating a separate and safe working space off the ground. The available variations in work platform design and material ensure options for almost every work environment where vertical space is available. […]

San Luis Potosi Surpasses 365-Day Mark with No Lost-Time Incidents

Just like every company within the UPG family of partners, Metalex stresses safety at both of its locations and is quick to recognize major safety milestones. On August 10th, our San Luis Potosi, Mexico facility reached its 366th consecutive day without a lost-time or recordable incident. This accomplishment did not go unnoticed; our team members […]

Metalex SLP Donates 15,000 Bottle Caps to Mexican Association for Aid to Children with Cancer

At Metalex, we encourage a spirit of continuous development and growth in both our business operations and the outside community. Each month at our San Luis Potosi facility, we ask our team for unique ideas on improvement. In December 2019, a team member proposed a community giveback idea – donating to Mexican Association for Aid […]

Standard Expanded Metal vs. Flattened Expanded Metal

Expanded metal—i.e., sheet metal that is cut and stretched to form a generally diamond-shaped pattern—finds application in numerous industries, ranging in use from consumer products to construction projects. It is available in many variations, each of which features different sizes, strand widths, and patterns to suit different needs. In addition to determining the above design […]

Expanded Metal

Expanded Metal vs. Perforated Metal

Both expanded metal and perforated metal are suitable for use in ventilation or drainage applications. Additionally, their integration of geometric patterns, makes both a popular aesthetic element added to various fixtures and structures. Despite their similarities in function, these two metals are distinct; they require the use of different manufacturing methods, exhibit different characteristics, and […]

A Note to Our Customers Regarding COVID-19

March 17, 2020 To Our Valued Customers, As market fear and uncertainty continues to escalate, normal transaction assumptions come into question. We want to highlight how UPG and its family of companies can help get your business through this temporary moment in time. First, the world has not stopped functioning. We are committed to maintaining […]

Standard Bar Grating

Bar Grating vs. Safety Grating: What’s the Difference?

Workplace safety should be a top priority for any employer, but it’s most critical in industrial facilities where the risk of on-the-job injuries is at its peak. Slips, trips and falls are the #1 OSHA recordable instance. Slip and fall accidents cause about 15% of accidental workplace deaths, which highlights the importance of prioritizing safety in […]

perforated tubes example 2

Considerations When Selecting Perforated Products

The process of perforation creates perforated materials, which are substrates—such as papers, plastics, composites, and metals—with a series of holes of varying shape and size. In addition to variation in hole design and pattern, these products are available in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses, and forms (e.g., coils). While this seemingly endless selection of […]

Morton Global LLC, a UPG Enterprises LLC Company Acquires Metalex, LLC

Acquisition further enhances UPG’s footprint and product offerings Chicago based UPG Enterprises LLC has acquired Metalex, LLC, a premier North American manufacturer of Perforated Products, Expanded Metal, Safety Grating, Perforated Tubes, Architectural Metals and its Morton Rail Products division, formerly known as Morton Manufacturing Company. This acquisition significantly enhances UPG’s portfolio, not only with a […]

railway interchange

Metalex® at Railway Interchange 2019

This September, Minneapolis will be hosting Railway Interchange 2019, North America’s largest railway exhibition and technical conference. It brings together hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of international industry professionals every two years. Railway Interchange’s mission is to bring professionals together for authentic discussions and exhibits about the future direction of the industry. The conference is […]