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Metalex San Luis Potosi Plant Achieves Quality Management Certification

Libertyville, IL-   Metalex, a Jason Company (NASDAQ:JASN and JASNW), achieved the ISO 9001:2015 certification in quality management systems from the Bureau Veritas at its San Luis Potosi, Mexico facility. The certification is based on seven management principles and is granted to organizations that consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. The […]

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Types of Railcars Using Morton Rail Products

The railroad industry is responsible for moving a wide range of cargo throughout the United States. Railcars come in a variety of styles, each designed to carry specific types of goods ranging from industrial equipment and timber to oil and liquids. Metalex’s line of Morton Rail Products—including brake steps, end platforms, tank straps, side sheets, […]

Application Breakdown of Metalex’s Safety Grating Products

When selecting a proper safety grating application, facility managers are presented with an at-first daunting array of options. However, properly accounting for the conditions that facility users—as well as the grating itself—will go a far way in helping you narrow down the best safety grating for your application. Because so many different applications require the […]

High-Security Fencing Protection for Critical Infrastructure

Strong security starts with a reinforced physical perimeter. Many facilities are finding that the use of expanded metal fencing gives their premises a superior line of defense against external surveillance and threats. This type of fencing especially benefits critical infrastructure facilities such as   Water treatment plants Petrochemical stations Data centers Power grids   Expanded […]

Metal Solutions for the Architectural Industry

Metals have many inherent qualities, including strength, malleability, and durability, that make them ideal building components. Recently, architects and contractors have begun adopting new metal solutions to improve building performance, aesthetics, and safety. Two of the most common techniques, perforated and expanded metal, are particularly prized for their high strength, reliability, and flexibility, and their […]

Metalex and Morton Celebrate 115 Years of Service

    As we celebrate the 115th year of the Morton product line, we would like to thank all of the customers for the vital business relationships we’ve developed. These relationships have been the key to the success of Morton products. We will continue to provide mission-critical components, service, and expertise to any industry that demands […]

The Security Challenges of Construction Sites

Proper security fencing on constructions sites is crucial not only to internal site safety, but also public safety. A construction fence protects the public from accidental intrusions or injuries, prevents would-be thieves from stealing construction materials or equipment, and wards off other external hazards such as wild animals. While there are a variety of fencing […]

Metal Solutions for Clean Rooms

A clean room is a space that contains a minimal amount of airborne pollutants such as vaporized chemicals, dust, aerosol droplets, and microbes. The level of contamination within these rooms cannot exceed a predetermined value, usually measured in particles per cubic meter. In the United States, clean rooms are assessed by measuring the number of […]

Decorative Expanded Metal for Architectural Design

In recent years, many suppliers have begun working with architects, contractors, and fabricators to incorporate expanded metal into architectural projects; offering great versatility and many customization options, this metal is well-suited to a huge range of design applications. Expanded metal is created during a coil-fed process in which raw material is simultaneously slitted and stretched, […]

Morton Rail Products for Rail Cars

At Metalex, we pride ourselves on supplying industry-leading safety grating products for a wide range of industries, helping to ensure optimal safety and performance in critical applications. And now, following our 2011 merger with Morton Manufacturing Co., we’re also proud to offer a full line of Morton AAR-approved rail products. For 115 years, Morton Rail […]