At Metalex, we encourage a spirit of continuous development and growth in both our business operations and the outside community.

Each month at our San Luis Potosi facility, we ask our team for unique ideas on improvement. In December 2019, a team member proposed a community giveback idea – donating to Mexican Association for Aid to Children with Cancer (AMANC).

AMANC was founded in 1982 by Mrs. María de Guadalupe Alejandre, who wanted to help all families whose lives were affected by this terrible disease. AMANC offers integral support that consists of lodging, feeding, medicine and the necessary items for medical treatment, dental attention, emotional and spiritual support, basic education, and more.

In 2016, AMANC began a campaign to collect bottle caps, CDs, and aluminum cans from individuals and organizations to provide treatments necessary for cancer patients and their families.

In January 2020, Metalex employees in SLP created a large heart made from our expanded metal products and asked our teammates to bring in their bottle caps to support the AMANC program. Shortly after the hearts were made, we banded together to help this great cause!

Our goal was to fill up the heart-shaped container twice, and by August 7th, we achieved it! We provided 15,000 bottle caps to donate to AMANC, helping them support cancer patients in need. These types of donations go towards treatments, food, clothes, and other medical services.

We can’t thank everyone enough for the support and enthusiasm everyone gave to this noble cause. This truly shows that UPG and its family of brands are Stronger Together.

Metalex in SLP will continue to fill the heart for further donations, as well as look for other ways to support this great organization.

If you are interested in learning more about AMANC, follow them on Twitter or Facebook!

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