Just like every company within the UPG family of partners, Metalex stresses safety at both of its locations and is quick to recognize major safety milestones.

On August 10th, our San Luis Potosi, Mexico facility reached its 366th consecutive day without a lost-time or recordable incident. This accomplishment did not go unnoticed; our team members were treated to a custom-decorated cake together at the plant.

Metalex performs monthly safety audits in both its San Luis Potosi and Libertyville facilities to uncover any potentially unsafe conditions, which are then quickly addressed.

Safety is a team sport and requires everyone to be on the same page with protocols, from those who work in the plant to office employees who make trips to the floor, as well as outside visitors.

Remember, being Safer Together makes us Stronger Together.

(Editor’s note: as of this writing, the current safety streak is at 373 days).

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