1. Safety Grating: A Safer Alternative for Work Platforms

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    Gaining additional workspace can be difficult in many commercial locations. Platform grating allows for the optimization of vertical space in numerous work environment types, creating a separate and safe working space off the ground. The available variations in work platform design and material ensure options for almost every work environment where vertical space is available.

    Importance of Platform Grating

    With industrial real estate at very high capacities for the foreseeable future, it’s essential that businesses find ways to optimize their existing workspace. Elevated work platforms help a variety of commercial and industrial businesses to optimize available facility space by leveraging vertical areas that would otherwise go unused. Adding a platform grating loft area to a facility where space is at a premium increases available working areas without the need for expensive internal construction or expansion to the facility. 

    Platform grating can be customized to meet an expansive range of design and functionality requirements. At Morton Global®, we can tailor our lightweight elevated platforms to meet virtually any need. Our options include:

    • All heights and clearances
    • Handrails
    • Locking mechanisms
    • A variety of finishing options
    • Perforated or expanded metal treads
    • Multiple assembly methods

    Our space-saving platform grating can be manufactured from numerous materials, depending on the intended application environment. Options include:

    • Aluminum
    • Steel
    • Stainless steel

    Depending on the requirements of your application, the best grating material may differ. We have experts that can advise you on the best material choice.

    Platform Grating Applications

    Platform grating can be used for a myriad of applications across various commercial and industrial facilities. Some of the common uses for elevated platform grating include: 

    • Catwalk platforms. Catwalk platforms provide workers in arenas and factories with the opportunity to move safely around the facility.
    • Maintenance platforms. Mobile or stationary maintenance platforms provide a secure area to stand when conducting repairs and maintenance on hard-to-reach equipment, offering a safer alternative to ladders.
    • Tower platforms. Outdoor platform grating is often used to provide access to communications towers, water towers, elevated storage tanks, and other elevated equipment.
    • Office space platforms. Elevated platform grating can provide additional office space without occupying critical floor space in warehouses, distribution centers, machine shops, and more.
    • Production/assembly platforms. Platform grating can offer additional production or assembly space for smaller shops with vertical space to spare. 
    • Storage platforms. Industrial work platforms can provide elevated storage space while still allowing forklifts and foot traffic to pass safely underneath.
    • Vehicle platforms. Platform grating provides easier access to elevated heavy equipment, heavy trucks, and trailers. Star Deck from Metalex is ideal for outdoor vehicle and equipment access because it accommodates pass-through for materials and weather.

    Open-Grip® Safety Grating

    Our Open-Grip® Safety Grating features original round-hole debossed grating. This particular grating is used in a wide a range of industrial applications, in any area requiring safe, comfortable, and slip-resistant footing on open flooring.

    Our Open-Grip® Safety Grating standard channel is available in the following sizes and materials:

    —Pre-galvanized or HRP&O steel
    —13- and 11-gauge steel
    —.125-inch 5052-H32 aluminum
    —10-foot or 12-foot lengths – standard sizes
    –Custom lengths available upon request
    – 5″, 7″, 10″, 12″ +18″ widths

    In addition to standard channels, the Open-Grip® Safety Grating is also available in 24″, 30″ + 36″ walkways.

    At Morton Global, we have the ability to “program” the grating pattern, as well as provide end margins, wiped ends, and leading edge holes, giving us unlimited design flexibility in customizing your safety grating.

    Deck Span® Safety Grating

    Our Deck Span® Safety Grating, meanwhile, features a unique, one-piece construction that is self-framing and lightweight. Offering high load-bearing capacity, Deck Span® is safe for various plant applications, including open flooring, catwalks, platforms, balconies, stair treads, and walkways. We offer Deck Span® Safety Grating in standard channels, walkways, and stair treads.

    Our Deck Span® Safety Grating standard channels are available in the following sizes and materials:

    —Pre-galvanized or HRP&O steel
    —14- and 12-gauge steel
    —.080-inch and .100-inch 5052-H32 aluminum
    —16-gauge stainless steel 304-2B
    —10-foot or 12-foot standard size lengths
    –Custom sizes available upon request
    –Available in 2 Diamond (4 3/4″) to 5 Diamond (11 3/4″) wide

    Our Deck Span® Safety Grating stair treads are available in stock lengths of 24 inches, 30 inches, 36 inches, and 48 inches. They’re offered in pre-galvanized or 14- and 12-gauge HRP&O steel as well as .100-inch 5052-H32 aluminum.

    Tread Grip® Flooring

    Our Tread Grip® Flooring features closely spaced perforated buttons, produced by cold forming. These buttons are unique in that they create a circular tread pattern, allowing for high-adhesive friction. Thanks to its production process and design, Tread Grip® Flooring can retain its slip resistance for much longer periods of time than other grating options — which, in turn, allows for significant cost savings. While other types of treads depend on outside corners to create friction, Tread Grip®’s high-adhesive friction allows for a long life span. In fact, this type of flooring is frequently used over existing flooring for many different indoor applications. We offer Tread Grip® in standard channels, stair treads, sheets, and ladder rungs.

    Our Tread Grip® Safety Grating standard channels are available in the following standard sizes, with the following features and options:

    —Pre-galvanized or HRP&O steel
    —13- and 11-gauge steel
    —.125-inch 5052-H32 aluminum
    —10-foot or 12-foot standard lengths
    —Margins on all sides
    —Integral end caps with mounting holes and slots
    —Custom sizes available
    —Low open area, preventing debris and tools from falling through
    —Custom sizes upon request
    —Button-Hole® patterns
    –Custom sizes available upon request

    Our Tread Grip® Sheets, meanwhile, are available in the following materials and sizes, with the following options:

    —11-, 12-, 13-, 14- and 16-gauge HRP&O steel
    —125-inch 5052-H32 aluminum
    —36 inches wide x 120 inches long
    —Other finishes and sizes available by special order
    —304-2B stainless steel in 16 gauge (chevron or 1¼-inch square patterns only)
    —Safe-Deck™, Chevron, and 1¼-inch square patterns

    Finally, our Tread Grip® Ladder Rungs come in following materials and sizes, with the following options and features:

    —Stock sizes: 16-inch, 18-inch, 48 ¾-inch, and 60-inch lengths
    —13- and 11-gauge pre-galvanized or HRP&O steel
    —125-inch aluminum
    —304-2B stainless steel in 16 gauge
    —Safe allowable design loads concentrated at center of span on simple beam

    Star Deck® Safety Grating

    Our Star Deck Safety Grating is low-profile metal grating with high slip-resistant surface. A preferred solution for steps and platforms on heavy equipment, vehicles, and outdoor platforms, this grating’s enhanced slip protection comes from the star-shaped holes. The shape of these cold-embossed holes delivers full 360-degree slip resistance. We can process our Star Deck Safety Grating in sizes up to 11 gauge.

    Our Star Deck Safety Grating is available in the following standard sizes and materials:

    • HRP&O steel
    • 11-gauge steel
    • 48” x 100”

    Space Saving Solutions From Morton Global

    Platform grating is an ideal solution for creating, saving, and optimizing space in a variety of industries and applications. At Morton Global, we offer platform grating in a variety of materials and styles to serve as safe work platforms, catwalks, steps, and much more.

    If you are looking to increase the space available in your facility without expensive renovations, please contact us or request a quote today to see how we can help. To learn more about which safety grating will work best for your facility, download our free comprehensive eBook, “The Benefits of Safety Grating.”