1. Expertise and Information in the Metalex Resource Library

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    Metalex Company BrochureMetalex is proud to present our Resource Library. Since our founding in 1962, we have provided metal stamping solutions to clients across such diverse industries as automotive, railroad, and architecture, among many others.

    As a result, we have been involved in almost every aspect of the manufacturing and mechanical assembly process for decades. Our experience and expertise allows us to offer our clients assistance with a range of processes and challenges to meet project specifications in a timely and cost-effective manner.

    The Metalex Resource Library brings together our decades of experience and draws on our first-hand industry knowledge and presents it in a large collection of guides and documents. They are meant to help our clients choose the correct products for their projects, properly install and operate them, and to help get the longest life out of their equipment.

    Metalex and Morton Brochures

    Available in our Resource Library are a number of our brochures such as the Metalex Company Brochure and the Morton Industrial Brochure. In the Metalex brochure, you see what we offer that sets us apart and ahead of the curve.

    The Metalex brochure has clear technical information and specification that provide a quick glimpse into our full line of products such as:

    • Light meshes
    • Large and heavy meshes
    • Perforated products

    The brochure also includes general technical data to help you make the most informed decision when purchasing.

    Metalex recently combined operations with Morton Manufacturing Company, founded in 1903, and we are proud to also offer a full line of safety grating options, including:

    • Open-Grip® Safety Grating
    • Tread-Grip® Safety Grating
    • Deck Span® Safety Grating

    A Collection of Useful Guides

    The Metalex Resource Library also has a variety of other helpful guides like the Morton Rail Products Running Board Worksheets¸ the Morton Running Board Brochure, and the Morton Industrial Flyer. These are all designed to help you inspect, compare, and install  our products to allow safety, maneuverability, and efficiency throughout your facilities.

    We also offer a useful How to Specify Safety Grating guide with everything you need to know about our Open-Grip®, Deck-Span®, and Tread-Grip® Safety Grating and Stair Treads before installation in your facility, plant, or place of business for additional safety. The guide clearly details a number of important factors such as:

    • Intended Use
      • Areas for proper use of Open-Grip®, Deck-Span®, and Tread-Grip® Safety Grating and Stair Treads
    • Storage and Handling
      • Proper handling techniques for efficient installation
    • Grating Materials
      • Technical specifications including material, material thickness, and selection width and length
    • Recommended Installation Techniques and Conditions

    Our dedication to customer service—our ISO 9001:2008 registration is also available for free download—means that we will work with you to help you achieve the results you are looking for.

    Resource Library Access
    Visit our Resource Library today, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact a representative to find out how we can help you meet all your project requirements.