1. Safety Measures and Creating a Safer Industrial Workplace

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    The term “workplace safety” carries more weight in industrial facilities than in traditional office workplaces.

    As OSHA outlines in its Walking-Working Surfaces Standard, workplaces — encompassing all passageways, storerooms, and service rooms — should be “kept clean and orderly and in a sanitary condition.” Floors should be clean and dry, and drainage should be present wherever “wet processes are used.”

    A trusted manufacturer since 1903, Metalex provides metal anti-slip and fall-prevention products to ensure optimal plant safety across a wide range of industries. For use on walkways, stairs, tower platforms, and more surfaces with heightened safety risk, our industrial safety solutions will keep your walkways secure and your employees safe.

    Some of our most popular products include:

    Open-Grip® Safety Grating for Rail and Industrial Applications

    open-gripCommonly used for rail applications, this anti-slip safety grating features round debossed holes through which debris can fall, keeping walkways clear. The design allows for heat, air, and light flow, while raised buttons increase slip resistance.

    Special features can also be incorporated, including wiped ends, which allow channels to be butted against one another and bolted in order to limit the uneven area, also known as the “lip,” between channels at a joint. Open-Grip® is available in standard channels and walkways; custom product development is available, along with engineering collaboration to ensure your project specific needs are met to a T .

    Deck Span® Safety Grating for Plants, Facility, and Construction

    deckspanFrequently used for applications that require maximum grip, this one-piece, lightweight grating offers the rigidity to handle  heavy loads. The self-cleaning diamond surface pattern — formed by cross-hatching and reticulated metal studs — features a serrated edge to provide optimal 360° slip-resistance.

    Because this grating’s slip resistance works in all directions, it is ideal for indoor applications such as open flooring, balconies, and catwalks. Deck Span® is offered in various sizes and shapes.

    Tread-Grip® Safety Grating for Existing Floors and Indoor Applications

    treadgripApplied across many industries Tread-Grip® can be found everywhere from tow truck beds to mezzanines and crossovers in manufacturing plans, this grating features closely spaced perforated buttons. Fitted with a circular pattern that increases slip resistance, Tread-Grip® is ideal for high-adhesive friction.

    The grating is available in ladder rungs, standard channels, stair tread, and sheets; it can also be customized to meet the needs of your specific industrial workplace.

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