1. Safety Appliances to Enhance Truck Safety

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    Since 1903, Metalex has provided high-quality metal safety grating for customers in a wide variety of industries––from construction, to agricultural, to mining, and many others in between. One such industry that we serve is the heavy truck manufacturing industry, which relies on custom metal components and safety grating for a number of fixtures––including safety platforms and truck steps. With our extensive selection of safety grating, Metalex offers custom metal solutions that ensure safety, convenience, and comfort for heavy truck operators.

    Since truck operators work year-round and in all kinds of weather conditions––like sleet, snow, and rain—it’s critical for trucks to be outfitted with fixtures that are both dependable and safe. Our metal safety grating can be a great solution for protecting workers from slips and falls due to our grating’s lightweight design and structure. As a result, many leaders in the heavy truck industry use our safety grating in areas that have a high risk for falls, like truck steps and safety platforms. In these areas, our safety grating provides superior slip resistance and load-bearing capability to give workers enhanced protection and functionality––particularly in icy, dirty, or wet conditions.

    In addition to steps and platforms, we manufacture other custom metal solutions for the trucking industry, as well. We have a solution for applications that include:

    Grills – We manufacture metal grills with enhanced strength capabilities that offer superior protection against dust, debris, and weather. Metalex’s truck grills are available in both perforated and expanded metals––while our perforated metal grills are more resilient to the elements, our expanded metal grills provide less waste and are more structurally sound for heavy truck grills.

    Filtration – We provide metal filtration solutions capable of managing both liquid and air. Our filters are ideal for high-pressure handling and enable the flow of materials, like hydraulic fluids, fuel, and outside air, to easily move through systems. Featuring controlled pore sizes to deliver optimal performance, Metalex filters are available in both perforated and expanded metal. Our perforated metal filters are ideal for liquid filtration in trucks’ hydraulic, fuel, and oil systems, while our expanded metal filters are ideal for air filtration, relying on closely managed pore sizes for high performance. We can construct our expanded metal filters from a wide selection of mesh sizes and patterns.

    Exhaust Guards – We build our exhaust guards using specially engineered metal patterns that allow airflow to cool trucks’ interior systems. Made from perforated metal, the pattern design in our exhaust guards prevents trucks from overheating and eliminates associated safety issues.

    Work Platforms – In addition to truck steps and safety platforms, we also manufacture portable work platforms for flatbed trucks. These platforms protect truck operators from falls and give workers greater security when loading, unloading, and maneuvering cargo.

    In our ongoing commitment to safety and quality, Metalex currently offers several safety grating solutions for customers in the trucking industry––and beyond. Our Open Grip® Safety Grating is the original, round-hole debossed grating that allows for the easy flow of air, heat, and light in the truck industry. It can be used in applications wherever safe, comfortable, slip-resistant footing is needed. Our Deck Span® Safety Grating features a unique diamond design that provides 360° slip resistance. In addition, this grating is self-framing and lightweight, and offers outstanding load-carrying capabilities. Lastly, our Tread Grip® Flooring features a circular tread for high-adhesive friction that’s ideal for numerous indoor applications and offers a long lifespan.

    Since 1903, Metalex has provided customers with reliable safety grating products that deliver exceptional quality, value, and performance. We are especially proud to offer a large selection of custom metal accessories and solutions for the trucking industry. To learn more about which factors to consider when choosing the right type of safety grating for your trucking application, download our eBook, Safety Grating for Tucking. And to find out more about our specialized safety grating solutions, visit our Markets Applications page.