1. 3 Major Industries Utilizing Safety Grating

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    Worker and customer safety is the primary focus of any employer, preventing slips and falls is the core of conducting a safe operation.

    Safety grating plays a critical role in many applications across various industries, protecting workers while ensuring optimal product functionality and longevity. Below, we’ll take a look at three industries that rely heavily on safety grating.

    Grain Drying and Storage

    In grain drying, storage, and handling applications, personnel must be adequately protected on walkways that are exposed to the elements; safety grating must perform in wet or icy condition.

    With excellent slip resistance and load-carrying capabilities, Metalex’s Deck Span® safety grating provides peace of mind in outdoor work environments; Deck Span® can be manufactured for use on catwalks, stair treads, and walkways.

    Bulk Material Handling

    Bulk material handling applications require strong, corrosion-resistant safety grating that can easily
    withstand harsh environments. Walkways in the mining industry need to stay clear of debris, perform in inclement weather as well as withstand the wear and tear of falling material and foot traffic alike.

    Our Open Grip® safety grating features cold-formed raise buttons and debossed holes, allowing debris to pass through and keep walkways clear. Deck Span® safety grating provides an aggressive slip-resistant surface ideal for stair treads.

    Heavy Truck

    Heavy truck operators must be able to access their equipment safely regardless of weather conditions. Truck steps and safety platforms must be outfitted to provide slip resistance and load-carrying capability, safety grating reliably protects workers from accidental falls when icy, dirty, or wet.

    Metalex’s Deck Span®’s unique diamond design provides 360° slip resistance, while the debossed holes on Open-Grip® grating permit easy flow of air, heat, and light. Our Tread Grip® flooring features a circular tread for high-adhesive friction and minimal open area.

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    Metalex is proud to offer industry-leading metal solutions to a wide range of applications and industries. Providing a lightweight, versatile alternative to bar grating, our safety grating products can be used in all types of plants and OEM equipment.

    To learn more about Metalex’s safety grating solutions, visit our Market Applications page today.