Perforated and Expanded Metal Solutions for Grain Dryers

Metalex specializes in engineering perforated metal, expanded metal, and safety grating solutions for grain dryers, grain storage and grain handling equipment. Use our interactive infographic below by clicking on the circles to see how metal products serve grain drying applications.

G r ain D r yer Plat f orms The self-cleaning Open-Grip® features 1-3/8¨ debossedholes, allowing debris to pass through and maintaina safe clear walking surface up on the platform.The raised buttons of Metalex Open-Grip® retaintheir 360° slip resistance with wear. G r ain D r yer W alls Metalex's range of perforated metalcapabilities provide the ideal solution forcontinuous flow drain drying. G r ain Bin Flooring Metalex perforated metal maintains airflowthrough grain to prevent the germination ofseeds and inhibits bacterial growth. Steps Deck Span® safety grating's unique diamonddesign offers 360° slip resistance and outstandingload-carrying capabiliities. Metlex Deck Span® isideal for catwalks, stair treads, and walkways. Libertyville, IL 60048 P: 847.362.5400 | Toll Free: 877.667.8634 (Outside Chicago Area) | F: (847) 362-7939 |

This infographic is free and available for print: Download it here

Perforated metal’s design allows air to pass through the floors and walls of grain dryers, keeping your product fresh and your staff safe from slippage. If you’re looking for ventilated structures and storage for your grain, Metalex has over 50 years of experience engineering metal components for grain dryers.

Our team can meet specifications that include materials for:

  • Grain Dryer WallsPerforated metal provides a continuous flow of air, allowing grain to dry quickly and thoroughly.
  • Grain Bin Flooring – Metalex’s perforated metal solutions are ideal for farm storage grain bin flooring. The perforated metal allows continuous airflow through the grain to prevent bacterial growth by carrying moisture away from the grain. This is especially effective for bin-batch drying methods, which require full perforated floors for drying.
  • Safety Grating Steps & Walkways – Our Deck Span® safety grating features a unique diamond-shaped design, providing extra slip resistance and excellent load-carrying capabilities. Deck Span® has been manufactured for catwalks, stair treads, and walkways in farm equipment and grain drying solutions.
  • Conveyor, Maintenance, & Access Platforms – Metalex Open-Grip® safety grating platforms are self-cleaning. Debossed holes allow debris to pass through to maintain safe walking surfaces throughout.

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