Metalex works with Architects, Contractors, and Fabricators to satisfy their project and application needs with expanded metal and perforated metal.

The architectural industry utilizes perforated and expanded metal solutions for their versatility and aesthetic appeal. Use our interactive infographic below by clicking on the circles to see how metal products serve the architectural industry.

Expanded Metal Expanded metal sizing ranges from .055" - 1.5" across the diamond, and can be used for security fencing, exterior facades, ceiling panels and more. Libertyville, IL 60048 P: 847.362.5400 | Toll Free: 877.667.8634 (Outside Chicago Area) | F: (847) 362-7939 | Perforated Metal Our perforating die library and high-speed presses offer a great range of patterns and open-area options, with varying hole arrangements and sizes as small as .5mm and up.