Perforated metals are often chosen for their functional capabilities, but in some applications, aesthetics are even more important. Such is the case with the decorative perforated metals offered here at Metalex.

Rather than choosing a product because of what it can offer from a strength or performance standpoint, these pieces are usually selected for their looks.

With a number of different patterns and materials available in our decorative collection, you should have no trouble finding an option that you love. Contact us today to learn more or to place an order!

The list of uses for decorative perforated metal is nearly as long as the list of options that you can choose from when browsing our selection. Perforated metal that has been completed with a decorative pattern can be used in cabinet making, furniture projects, baskets, backgrounds, walls, and much more.

Any time there is an element of design in what you are doing, decorative perforated metal is always going to be a smart option to consider.

Of course, while you are mostly concerned with the look, decorative metal can still offer tremendous performance characteristics.

Based on the exact pattern and the materials in question, you can combine form and function in a way that gives the finished project a great look while still meeting performance goals.

If you would like to obscure most of the light from passing through an object, using a decorative pattern with little open area makes sense.

On the other hand, to promote movement of air and light, a pattern that has a large percentage of open space is the right option.

If you aren’t sure which specific decorative perforated metal pattern will play best in your project, contact our helpful staff for assistance.

Metalex has been a trusted supplier in this industry for more than 50 years, and we would look forward to the opportunity to show you why so many of our valuable customers return time and time again.

Whether you are looking for decorative perforated metal or any other kind of perforated metal product, we hope your first call will be to the team here at Metalex. Thank you for visiting!