When it is open space that you are looking for, hexagonal perforated metal is likely going to be your best option. The hexagonal shape means that a large majority of the sheet can be left as open space, which is perfect for a number of architectural applications.

Due to the high percentage of open space, the flow of air and light is minimally restricted when you use hexagonal perforated sheet metal. If this sounds like a product that could benefit your next project, feel free to contact the team here at Metalex right away.

It would be impossible to list all of the potential uses for this versatile product. However, some of the most popular applications include benches, facades, screens, guards, privacy panels, and more.

Based on the intended use for the product, you can pick from a number of different materials that each has unique characteristics to offer.

Stainless steel, copper, titanium, aluminum, cold rolled steel, brass, Galvanized steel, and more are all available from Metalex.

If you are looking for a particularly light weight product that can still offer you the necessary performance, hexagonal perforated metal might be one worth considering.

All of the open space that exists in the metal of this product means that the overall weight of the product remains rather low. Therefore, you can save weight on your project while still using a product that provides the necessary strength and performance required.

Hexagonal perforated metal is used so regularly in architectural work for that very reason – weight is saved, without sacrificing performance. Also, this is a visually pleasing product, which helps to further serve architectural goals.

Metalex has been in business for more than 50 years, and we are among the leaders in the perforated metal industry.

Our loyal customers return to us time and again because we offer quality products, fair prices, and excellent customer service.

You will never feel like you are alone when you work with Metalex – our team is always happy to help solve any issues you may have related to selecting the right perforated metal for the job.