Slotted perforated metal is a product that contains long holes in a variety of specific shapes. The idea of this product is to allow the necessary amount of material to pass through the metal while retaining the required strength and performance characteristics.

Used frequently in applications such as filters, guards, vents, screens, and more, slotted perforated metal is one of our most popular products.

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Within the slotted perforated category, there are a number of different variations that can be considered based on your needs.

The pattern can be changed in a variety of ways from simple straight lines throughout the piece to staggered rows and ends that offer unique performance advantages.

Since Metalex has so much experience in the perforated metal world, it would be wise to consult with one of our team members before making your final selection.

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Selecting the right pattern for your slotted perforated metal product isn’t going to do you any good if you order the wrong material. Only when you match the right pattern with the perfect material are you going to receive a satisfactory outcome.

Pick from a variety of options including stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, cold rolled steel, copper, and more.

If there is a specific material that you would like to use which you don’t see listed on our site, please contact us as we are capable of working with a wide range of materials for custom projects.

Metalex is happy to supply our customers with only the best in perforated metal featuring a slotted design pattern.

Even within the slotted design there are a number of variations available, including the shape of the slots themselves and the margins that can be left around the edges of the sheet.