If you come across perforated metal in your day to day life, it is likely to be of the architectural variety. Thanks to the tremendous combination of performance and aesthetics that this product offers, architects love to put it to use in a number of ways.

Many industrial buildings are fitted with architectural metal which can be used behind signage, in ceiling panels, as vents, for sunscreens, and in many other ways.

Metalex offers wide selection of architectural perforated metal products for your consideration, so please feel free to contact us today to learn more.

One of the first decisions you will need to make when picking out architectural perforated metal is the shape that you will use for the project. Different shapes offer different looks, as well as different performance characteristics.

The amount of open space within the metal goes a long way toward determining the strength of the piece, so picking the right pattern is key if you are going to get the performance that you expect.

Also, you want the piece to look just right as part of the overall architecture, and the shape of the perforations has a lot to say about that element as well.

After a shape has been selected for your project, the next step is typically to pick out the right material for the job. At Metalex, we are capable of stamping your architectural piece as a range of different materials based on the task at hand.

Some of our most popular options include copper, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, cold rolled steel, and more.

Beyond those choices, we are also happy to work with specific materials that are required by your project, so be sure to contact us to inquire about the possibility of a custom creation.

Architectural perforated projects are used far more commonly than most people realize. When used correctly, this product simply blend in seamlessly with the rest of the building design.

By working with Metalex, you can be sure that you have an experienced and reliable partner on your side for the creation and delivery of high quality architectural perforated metal products.