The heavy trucking industry requires rugged and durable custom metal solutions that enable trucks to weather harsh environments over large distances and long periods of time.

Over-the-road trucks experience a variety of conditions, from the day-to-day vibrations of operation to caustic temperature and climate extremes. Precipitation, steep hills, and stop-and-go traffic all make having high-quality frames and structures essential to delivering payloads intact and on time.

Environmental factors and operational hazards can also harm components within the truck, making guards and metal fixtures a must for maintaining equipment over the long haul. Protecting all the manner of large vehicles, whether they’re buses, big rigs, trailer trucks, tractor trailers, or semis, is essential to maintaining a well-running transportation and shipping service.

Metal Solutions for Heavy Trucking

Metal Solutions for Heavy Trucking

Metalex offers a range of heavy-duty metal products to improve the lives of those in the trucking industry. These products include:

  • Grill guards: Over-the-road work trucks encounter a large amount of dust, debris, and rough weather, and the truck grill gets the brunt of it. A metal grill guard can both enhance the structural integrity of your truck’s grill while also providing the first line of defense against road debris and other particulates.
  • Filtration: Having good metal filtration components results in superior filtration systems for both liquid and air. Metalex filtration components allow you to specify desired pore sizes according to the amount of necessary hydraulic fluids, fuel, and outside air that will pass through your filters. Even as fluids pass through filters and exert pressure on their components, Metalex’s array of expanded and perforated metals can handle whatever the elements throw at it.
  • Exhaust guards: Maintaining a good airflow is essential to crafting custom metal exhaust guards. Our range of pattern designs offer unparalleled options when you’re seeking to cool interior systems while preventing overheating or safety concerns.
  • Truck steps: Functional, slip-resistant surfaces make moving between truck interiors and exteriors safer during adverse weather conditions. Side steps and running boards made with lightweight grating can also provide load-bearing support and structure as needed.

Having metalwork in areas where workers handle cargo can greatly increase the safety of your employees as well as that of the cargo itself. Truck fixtures must endure everything from salty frozen slush to ultra-hot asphalt, so it’s important to ensure your fleet is decked out with long-lasting, durable materials. Installing slip-resistant steps and other driver-friendly equipment can also reduce the risk of harming goods during loading and unloading.

Perforated Metal for heavy Trucking

The pattern size and strength of perforated metal makes it ideal for exhaust guards, filtration, and grills on large trucks. Combining strong metal frames with perforations that allow airflow and debris to pass through the material makes these fixtures easy to maintain without sacrificing strength.

To learn more about our perforated metal products, download our free eBook, “Proper Selection for Perforated Products.”

Expanded Metal for Heavy Trucking

Creating expanded metal results in less wasted material, meaning that this material provides better cost savings for semi-truck fixtures. The expanded metal production process also results in improved structural strength, helping your truck grills and filters stand up to the elements. Check on the ideal mesh size and pattern for your application, since many sizes and patterns may work for a given product.

Expanded metal products play an important role in many heavy trucking applications, and researching the range of customization options can help you select the best expanded metal product for your needs.

Safety Grating for Heavy Trucking

When constructing steps or safety platforms for your heavy trucking equipment, it’s important to install grating that includes nonslip patterns as well as optimally sized holes that allow natural airflow and debris filtration.

An ideal safety grating will offer maximal slip resistance for its size, and it should also be equipped to bear heavy loads in extreme environments. Most safety grating also includes perforations that allow for easy cleaning and light penetration.

Metalex manufactures four types of safety grating, described below:

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