Filtration and exhaust systems rely on perforated tubes to effectively trap dust and other harmful materials across all types of industries and applications.

Perforated tubes are a critical component in filtration and exhaust systems. Perforated metal is often preferred over other materials, as it is highly pressure-resistant and will retain its shape under the constant pressure found in filtration applications. Perforated tubes are used primarily as center cores for filters to add support and to assist in the removal of solid contaminants from the liquid being filtered.

  • Expanded metal A high-performing air filtration system utilizes controlled pore sizes to allow air through while trapping dust and particles. The metal also provides a sturdy support frame to give a solid foundation for enhanced airflow.
  • Perforated metal A perforated tube (spiral, welded or abutted) is applied to the inside of the filter to support the media and maintain the quality of the liquid passing through it. Metalex's perfo - rated outer wrap is also used as a strong metal frame on the outside of the filter for added support.

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Liquid Filtration

Perforated tubes in liquid filtration systems offer both purification and support. The structure of perforated metal is capable of withstanding the high pressures and vibrations common in liquid applications. Liquid filtration applications that commonly use perforated tubes include hydraulic filtration and fuel systems, oil and lube filtration equipment, drainage systems, and food and beverage production.

Hydraulic Filtration

Hydraulic filtration systems are used to support equipment and various loads in a wide range of applications. In order for the system to function correctly, the pressurized fluid must be exceptionally pure. Solid contaminants can cause excessive wear on system components and liquid contamination may facilitate corrosion in hydraulic equipment. Water contamination, in particular, may be particularly harmful. The water will vaporize under pressure, thereby reducing a hydraulic system’s overall compressive force.

In order to prevent these complications and avoid catastrophic system failure, hydraulic pressure systems employ filtration systems to trap unwanted materials. For example, perforated metal is often used in heavy truck hydraulic systems, where the strong metal can tolerate high pressures without impeding the flow of hydraulic fluid.

Oil Filtration

Oil filtration requires the use of heavy duty filtration systems to separate the useful material from associated debris and contaminants that come from drilling. Oil rigs use filtration systems with perforated metal tubes to remove sand, dirt, and other contaminants from the oil. The filtration system is typically installed at the beginning of the process to ensure that as few contaminants as possible enter the pipe system.

Since the filtration system is usually in difficult-to-access areas, it is especially important to use high quality metal perforated tubes that can be relied upon to withstand the pressure of heavy drilling operations.


Drainage systems for infrastructure often use perforated filtration tubes for large-scale drainage systems, such as dams, bridges, and embankments, where it is necessary to prevent outdoor debris from entering the sewer system. This advance filtration reduces the amount of solid waste that must be filtered out of public water systems and reduces environmental pollution in waterways.

Food Processing

Perforated metal is used in a broad spectrum of food and beverage processing applications, including:

  • Agriculture (beehives, grain dryers, agricultural machinery)
  • Brewing (hop screens, malting filters, fermentation equipment)
  • Manufacturing (boiler equipment, coffee screens, tea sifters, food sorting)
  • Sugar and distillation (filters, centrifuges, diffuser linings)

Filter Material Options

Compared to wire mesh filters, perforated metal filters provide superior resistance to crimping and bending, as well as better durability and rigidity. A range of patterns and design options are available for perforated metal in air filtration or liquid filtration.

For instance, two seam styles — roll formed and spiral formed — are available to complement multiple perforation pattern choices, and special finishes like powder coatings, paint, or electropolishing can be added.

Materials for perforated metal filters include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Cold-rolled steel
  • Tin plate
  • Aluminum

Thanks to their excellent durability and corrosion resistance, perforated metal tubes are the ideal solution for air filtration and liquid filtration systems. To learn more about Metalex’s perforated tube offerings, download our free eBook, “Proper Selection for Perforated Products.”

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