The Applications of DeckSpan® Safety Grating

One of the most crucial considerations for a plant or facility is safety. Slips and falls are among the leading causes of workplace accidents. Ladders, scaffoldings, and equipment steps and platforms, especially in wet and slippery environments, can pose significant threats to worker safety. Safety grating is an essential element at any plant or facility. […]

Celebrating the New Merger between Metalex and Morton Manufacturing

We are proud to announce Metalex’s merger with Morton Manufacturing Company, an Illinois-based manufacturer of industrial safety grating and railroad running boards. At Metalex and Morton Manufacturing, we are under the umbrella of Jason Industries, parent company to a global group of leading manufacturers in the components, seating, finishing, and automotive acoustics markets. Moving forward both companies […]

Choosing the Right Perforated Metal Pattern

Perforated metal has applications in a wide spectrum of industries, ranging from pharmaceutical to construction. It is created through metal stamping and characterized by a pattern of holes in a sheet or strip of metal. Depending on its intended use, perforated metal comes in a number of standard, as well as a wide variety of […]