tread-gripSafety in plants and facilities

Safety is one of the most important issues in any plant or facility. The Federal Occupation Safety and Health Administration cited falls, especially from ladders and scaffoldings, as among the top 10 most frequent incidents in fiscal year 2013. According to the Center for Disease Control and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the manufacturing sector alone accounted for 16% of injuries from falls.

As a safety measure, gratings are widely present in both public and industrial settings. These metal surface coverings provide additional traction in a variety of industrial environments and many conditions, especially in wet and slippery environments. Installing safety gratings in any potential foot traffic areas allows manufacturers and plant managers to increase worker safety conditions and reduce accidents.

Tread-Grip® safety grating in industry

Tread-Grip® safety grating is most commonly used over existing flooring and for indoor applications. It is fabricated through a cold-forming process, consisting of closely-spaced perforated buttons on its surface. It has a circular tread pattern that provides high-adhesive friction, as well as a perforated button design that allows significant longevity in non-slip characteristics, which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.

A number of standard forms exist for Tread-Grip® flooring. These include standard channels, stair treads,  sheets, and ladder rungs. Standard channels prevent objects such as tools and debris from falling through due to a low open area. They are available in a variety of materials including Pre-Galvanized or HRP & O steel, 13 and 11 gauge steel, and .125” 5052-H32 Aluminum. Available standard widths are 7”, 10”, and 12”, lengths of 10’ and 12’, as well as any custom size.

Metalex also provides safe load tables and Button-Hole patterns upon request.

Tread-Grip® stair treads can be produced with integral end caps and with slots and mounting holes They are available in 13 and 11 gauge HRPO or Pre-Galvanized steel, as well as .125” 5052-H32 Aluminum.  Tread-Grip sheets are available in 11, 12, 13, 14, and 16 gauge HRPO steel, as well as .125” 5052-H32 aluminum.  304-2B stainless steel sheets are also available in 16-gauge in the Cevron or 1-1/4” square patterns.  Standard sheets measure 36” wide by 120” long.  Other finishes and sizes are available by special order.

To find out more about Tread-Grip® safety grating, contact Metalex today.

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