Metal Stair TreadsThere is a lot that goes into the design and creation of stairs. One main component of stair construction are stair treads. Stair treads, colloquially referred to as steps, are the horizontal surfaces on which someone steps onto. They are made in a variety of materials and are used for safety purposes in several applications. 

Why Use Stair Treads?

Stair treads provide pedestrian safety against slips, falls, and injuries. They are available in a variety of materials, finishes, grips, and tread levels to suit the functional and aesthetic requirements for any staircase. Stair treads are designed to withstand different locations, environments, and traffic levels while adhering to local and international building codes.


Metal stair treads are a superior choice to use for industrial locations that are exposed to the elements and other oily or slick substances. Morton Global® offers a variety of metal stair treads, such as Deck Span® and Tread Grip® grating, that provide superior slip resistance and load-carrying capabilities, making them suitable for applications such as:

  • Work platforms. Platforms are present in a variety of indoor and outdoor locations, including construction sites, processing facilities, and manufacturing facilities. These structures carry a high risk for slipping that industrial stair treads can prevent.
  • Walkways. Metal stair treads can be integrated into catwalk, rooftop, and pedestrian walkways to prevent slipping and provide safe defined walking paths for pedestrians and workers.
  • Ladders. Since ladders allow workers to reach high elevations, safety grating can prevent injury by providing slip resistance against water, ice, grime, and other environmental conditions. Metal stair treads can accommodate significant loads while maintaining their structural integrity.

Metal stair treads are easily set up and taken down, provide protection against a variety of conditions, and maintain stability on uneven surfaces, making them ideal for industrial uses.

Metal Stair Treads From Metalex

Morton Global is an ISO 9001:2015 registered manufacturer of perforated products, expanded metal, safety grating, and railroad running boards. Our experienced team has provided innovative products and excellent customer service since 1903. We offer high quality safety gratings that can be used for stair treads, including:

  • Open Grip® Safety Grating. A round hole debossed grating that is capable of self cleaning and permitting the flow of air, light, and heat.
  • Deck Span® Safety Grating. A lightweight grating with a diamond surface pattern that provides traction in slick substances.
  • Tread Grip® Flooring. A grating with closely spaced perforated buttons providing slip resistance, strength, and long service life.
  • Star Deck® Safety Grating. A grating with star-shaped holes that provide protection against slipping and the ability to carry heavy loads.

We are proud to be the trusted supplier of quality metal products for all your industrial safety needs. Contact the experts at Morton Global today for more information on our products and services.