Expanded metal has been proven to work well in a variety of commercial, industrial, and municipal security applications.

Since expanded metal can be worked into a variety of shapes and sizes, ideal solutions are available to meet nearly any robust security barrier needs.

Expanded metal’s superior impact resistance, tensile strength, and durability offer elevated level security that is unmatched by chain-link fences and gates. Expanded metal mesh barriers are also incredibly difficult to cut or climb, setting them even further ahead of competitive products from other high security fence products.

Security Fences

Security Metal Mesh Products

Metalex offers several heavy duty expanded metal products to improve the security of nearly any facility. These products include:

  • Perimeter Fencing: When searching for maximum security products, fencing will be the first line of defense around your application. Perimeter protection is the most common use for security metal mesh. Expanded metal mesh security fencing offers a superior solution for this common application. Cut and climb resistance, weather resistance, elevated impact tolerance, and superior durability and
  • Gates and Access Control: Gates can provide points of weakness for intruders if they aren’t reinforced as well as the rest of your perimeter. Steel security mesh gates feature the strength and visual deterrent expanded metal mesh fencing solutions, enabling optimal entry and exit control from your organization’s property. Heavy duty expanded metal security gates are also customizable, which means your specific organizational needs are taken into account when designing your total expanded metal security solution.
  • Security Cages: Equipment storage can be a major security concern for a variety of applications. Controlling inventory with expanded metal mesh security cages enables you to keep tools, construction equipment, or other vital items safe from theft or misuse. Featuring the same cut resistance as other steel security mesh solutions, heavy duty expanded metal cages keep equipment safe until it is ready for use.
  • Barrier Mesh/Security Mesh: Expanded metal barrier and security mesh products are usually located in walls, ceilings, and floors, providing safety and internal access control for guests and employees, as well as structural reinforcement. These solutions are specifically designed to prevent break-ins and break-outs, offering valuable extra security features high-risk facilities that need additional security reinforcement, including offices, homes, prisons and government buildings, and many others. Stores, museums, hospitals, banks, and pharmacies – which require secure entry and specified hours – particularly value metal mesh barriers and security mesh solutions.

Security meshMetal mesh barriers

Benefits of Expanded Metal Mesh Security Solutions

Due to the versatility, superior physical properties, and other expansive benefits provided by expanded steel security mesh solutions, the application list is quite broad. Facilities that will benefit from the use of heavy-duty expanded metal security mesh include:

  • Data Centers: While data centers focus on defending against digital security breaches, providing this level of security also involves protection from physical threats, such as those who would enter the secure center and attempt to remove valuable information. While firewalls protect against digital threats, a highly secure physical barrier and strong perimeter protection safeguards against physical attempts to access that data.
  • Airports: Airports are rife security risks, but strong fencing can prevent travelers from incidentally accessing an area where they could be at risk, such as a runway or cargo area. Quality security fencing is also important to guard against threats ranging from vandalism or trespassing to terrorism. Heavy duty expanded metal mesh security fences and barriers can make sure that everyone present in the airport and its surrounding areas is accounted for and has entered through the appropriate channels.
  • Highways: Highways are very dangerous for foot traffic, and many communities prefer to have a strong visual barrier between a loud highway and their businesses and homes. Expanded metal fencing keeps pedestrians from taking shortcuts across busy roads and creates a more effective visual barrier than a chain-link fence when separating highways from residential areas. The high impact resistance of expanded metal fences may be further increased by adding metal pickets to help mitigate risks to residential areas posed by traffic accidents on roads or highways.
  • Public Facilities: Metal mesh can be especially helpful for maintaining security and controlling access at parks and recreation sites. Stadiums, arenas, and schools may all require clear points of entry and the ability to track the entrance and exit of staff, students, and other visitors. Expanded metal mesh fences and gates also make it extremely difficult intruders to gain unauthorized entry, which is particularly important in schools.
  • Municipalities: While local, state, and federal government buildings must enable public access to various degrees, it is important that visitors be accounted for by building security. Expanded metal mesh fencing can offer peace of mind to those charged with securing government property.
  • Water and Wastewater: Treatment facilities for drinking water and wastewater require secure fencing to maintain public health. Expanded metal mesh security fencing also keeps the public safely separated from untreated water or wastewater, which could contain waste, disease, pollution, or other harmful substances.
  • Military: Military facilities have an expansive range of security requirements, many of which can be addressed through the added security provided by expanded metal mesh fences and barriers. From deterring intruders and trespassers with expansive security fencing, to access control at gates and checkpoints, to blocking accidental access to restricted areas, heavy duty expanded metal mesh security fencing and metal mesh barriers offer versatility and superior security for military applications.
  • Construction: Properly securing construction sites and the equipment within them can be a challenge. While traditional chain-link fences have typically been used for this purpose, the increased security of metal mesh fencing and cage solutions provides additional protection for equipment, workers, and the public. Security fences may also be set up first in advance of construction, providing protection to the in-progress building project and long-lasting production for the finished facility.
  • Power Generation and Utilities: High-voltage transformer units can be a vulnerability point for attack, as they carry 60-70% of all electricity in the United States. Regulatory guidelines require that power stations possess a visual barrier that that deters access. This is also to prevent accidents caused by trespassers and animals. Given that metal mesh fences are hard to climb and cut and can be supplemented with a variety of options to further limit access, they make an ideal security solution for substations, power plants, refineries, and other utility facilities.

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Large & Heavy Meshes

Expanded metal mesh security products are available for a variety of security levels and budget requirements. By its nature, expanded mesh can be customized to meet a range of mesh sizes and shapes, including large, heavy, and grating meshes for extremely high security applications. These heavy meshes are available in 0.75 inches to 1.5 inches and larger, offering some of the most durable, hard to cut, and hard to climb fencing available.

The Metalex Advantage

The Metalex sales team with many years of experience in providing security solutions, enabling them to consult on a wide variety of security concerns. Our professional staff features many long-term employees who have gotten to know our products well and can direct you to the perfect solution for your security needs. With their full product knowledge, they don’t just take your order—they serve as a knowledgeable security resource.

If you aren’t sure which expanded metal, perforated metal, or perforated tube products suit your needs, get in touch with our team and they can assist. Our engineering group can also work with you to choose the most optimal standard solution, or customize a solutions specific to your application.

For additional information on expanded metal mesh security solutions, please view our infographic, check out our Mesh Tech Guide, and download our security eBook.

Metal Security Product Infographic

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