In confined shop floors, a well-designed industrial work platform will help you to optimize tight work areas by taking advantage of unused vertical space. Work platforms also create a safer work environment, minimizing slips and falls in plants and on OEM equipment. High quality work platforms, such as steel mezzanines, can be used in a broad range of locations, from outdoor spaces to manufacturing floors and assembly areas.

Benefits of Work Platforms

Rather than resorting to costly renovations and construction, work platforms create a lofted area in the warehouse to provide additional storage or workspace. The benefits of steel mezzanines and other work platforms include:

  • Increased productivity and efficiency by providing each team with a dedicated workspace.
  • Ability to easily expand workspace to accommodate for team or company growth.
  • Improved safety—facilities with non-slip work platforms experience fewer slips and falls.

Considerations When Choosing a Work Platform

As you evaluate options for work platforms, ask the following questions:

  • What is the height and clearance you need to maintain? Ensure that a new platform will still allow enough space for workers to optimally perform their duties.
  • Can new work platforms match your existing aesthetic? Finishes such as paint, hot dip galvanized, and other anti-corrosive coatings can help you to match your new platform to the existing look of your facility.
  • What materials are best suited for your work environment? Materials such as aluminum, steel, or stainless steel may have unique properties that make them suitable for your specific facility conditions.
  • What special factors must your operation consider? Does your industrial workplace have corrosive chemical exposure, or will these work platforms be exposed to the elements through indoor-outdoor use? These factors will help you to choose the correct material and coating.
  • What safety measures will you need? Locking mechanisms, handrails, and serrated edges should all be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. In addition, make sure that all walking and work surfaces are up to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.

Work Platform Offerings from Metalex

Metalex offers the following range of solutions to help you create an ideal work platform for your facility:

·       Open-Grip® Safety Grating

Metalex’s Open-Grip® Safety Grating features original, round-hole debossed grating. This grating provides an effective solution for myriad industrial applications that require safe, comfortable, and slip-resistant open floor surfaces.

·       DeckSpan® Safety Grating

Self-framing and lightweight, our DeckSpan® Safety Grating has a unique, one-piece construction that makes it easy to use. DeckSpan offers a higher load-bearing capacity and can be used in many applications, from open flooring to catwalks, platforms, and more. It can be purchased as standard channels, walkway shapes, and stair tread varieties.

·       Tread-Grip® Flooring

Produced via cold forming, Tread-Grip® flooring features closely spaced perforated buttons that create a unique circular tread pattern, allowing for high-adhesive friction. Known for retaining slip resistance longer than other grating options, Tread-Grip’s production process and design yield the results you need and create cost savings through increased safety. Durable and long-lasting, Tread-Grip can be used over existing flooring indoors, and can be purchased in standard channels, sheets, stair treads, and ladder rungs.

Working With Metalex

Metalex offers a wide variety of metal solutions for work platforms. Our full catalog also includes patterns and material options in addition to standard products, allowing you to create the ideal solution for your stairs, tower platforms, walkways, and high-risk surfaces.

For more information, download our eBook, “The Benefits of Safety Grating,” to discover how safety grating allows you to maximize space while creating a safe and secure work environment.