Architectural expanded metal typically features a diamond pattern with improved aesthetics, however it can also be designed with hexagonal or square holes. The exact strand and opening shape can be customized based on the desired appearance and function. The advantage of using this metal is the combination of aesthetics with increased security, ventilation, and privacy.

Metalex produces architectural expanded metal in both standard and flattened styles. It is typically used for building facades, room dividers, sunscreens, security enclosures, signs, cladding, grilles, columns, wall panels, ceilings, display units, walkways, fireproof lining, and many more applications.

This type of expanded metal can also be combined with other materials – glass, concrete, plastics, etc. – for additional reinforcement. In fact, it has been combined with other materials for structural applications for over 100 years.

Metalex produces light meshes from 3/16” to 1/2” SWO. These are useful for light-duty applications such as light diffusers, filters, grates, screens, and ceiling panels. Intermediate meshes (1/2” to 3/4” SWO) are perhaps the most versatile, and are commonly used for chimney caps, vents, outdoor furniture, grilles, and many more architectural applications.

Expanded metal in heavier and larger mesh patterns (3/4” to 1 1/2” SWO) is appropriate for heavy-duty applications, and is commonly used in parks and recreation facilities, security fencing, shelving, ramps, catwalks, and other types of walkways. For high-security applications, Metalex produces to Military Specification MIL-M-17194 Type II, Class 1, ASTM 1267.

Micro mesh products (0.005” to 0.118” SWD, 0.039” to 0.236” LWO, and 0.005” to 0.079” strand width) are also available. These are used for very light-duty ceiling panels, air filtration meshes, and vents.

Sheets are available in many different materials, including steel (cold-rolled, stainless, galvanized), aluminum, and copper; a variety of opening sizes (0.039” to 6.00” LWO); and sheet sizes from 4’-8’ wide and 4’-10’ long.