Large and heavy patterns are used in applications such as park and recreation, security fencing, machine guards, shelving, cat walks, and automotive racks.

Expanded metal is one of the most unique and widely used materials anywhere. It can be found virtually anywhere, in homes, businesses, and factories, indoors and out, and comes in a huge array of patterns, sizes, shapes, and materials.

Some of the most popular types of expanded metal are large, heavy, and grating meshes. The popularity of these products is easily realized: it’s strong, flexible, economical, and serves countless industrial needs. Typical large and heavy mesh patterns are ¾” to 1 ½” and larger, and like all expanded metals, they are available in a wide range of materials; these include cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper.

While all large, heavy, and grating meshes offer multiple advantages, along with versatility and flexibility, at Metalex, ours are especially unique. That’s because we offer the LevelMaster: our flattening and leveling line produces the finest stainless, carbon, and aluminum expanded metal in the industry.

Flattened grating produced on the LevelMaster is an exclusive offering of Metalex, and is simply the best available on the market.

Technical Info

Large, Heavy, & Grating Mesh
#3 Grating Standard
Large, Heavy, & Grating Mesh
#3 Grating Flat


KS093/4" - #9 10 GA. - Standard1800.9232.000.031268%
KF093/4" - #9 10 GA. - Flat1710.9232.100.12063%
KS1503/4" - #9 9 GA. - Standard2510.9232.000****
KF1503/4" - #9 9 GA. - Flat2380.9232.100****
KS073/4" - #7 - Standard3130.9232.000****
KF073/4" - #7 - Flat3000.9232.100****
LS091" - #9 9 GA. - Standard2301.0002.400****
LF091" - #9 9 GA. - Flat1881.0002.500****
LS071" - #7 - Standard2161.0002.400****
LF071" - #7 - Flat2041.0002.500****
MS131 1/2" - #13 - Standard601.3303.0000.24285%
MF131 1/2" - #13 - Flat571.3303.2000.07880%
MS101 1/2" - #10 13 GA. - Standard791.3303.0000.28480%
MS091 1/2" - #9 10 GA. - Standard1201.3303.0000.31276%
MF091 1/2" - #9 10 GA. - Flat1141.3303.2000.11075%
MS061 1/2" - #6 - Standard2501.3303.0000.43369%
MF061 1/2" - #6 - Flat2351.3303.200****
WS092" - #9 10 GA. - Standard901.8504.0000.31284%
WF092" - #9 10 GA. - Flat801.8254.3550.11083%
NG3# Grating - Standard3001.3305.3300.54060%
NGF3# Grating - Flat2801.3305.670****
PG3.14# Grating - Standard3142.0006.0000.65669%
PGF3.14# Grating - Flat2952.0006.380****

For more patterns, reference Expanded Metal Manufacturers Association (EMMA).

Large, Heavy, and Grating Mesh Applications

Combine the many benefits of all expanded metal—versatility, flexibility, strength, cost effectiveness, etc.—with the unique exclusivity of our LevelMaster line, and the possibilities are endless. So, too, are the applications.

Some of the many places you’ll find large and heavy mesh patterns are parks and recreational facilities, security fencing, machine guards, shelving of all kinds, catwalks, and automotive racks. These are just some of the applications that make use of this expanded metal.

If you’d like to find out how large and heavy meshes can serve your applications, our experts are always available to help.