Expanded metal is one of the world’s most used solutions for a wide variety of applications. Across industries, expanded metal products have been widely used due to their advantages of improved strength, reduced weight, and minimizing costs.

Metalex is proud to offer expanded metal products for a diverse array across countless industries, used for a host of applications such as parks and recreation, patio furniture, security fencing, car grilles, speaker grilles, animal flooring, vents, trailer flooring, machine guards, and automotive racks. Expanded metal is ideal for each of these applications due to its versatility, strength, flexibility, and cost efficiency.

If you are curious about how the process of forming expanded metal, Metalex is happy to provide you with a step-by-step guide to manufacturing these products on our state-of-the-art equipment.

  1. Sheet or plate is advanced beyond the face of the bottom die in an amount equal to the strand width before flattening. The sheets are then fed into an expanding machine.
  2. The top die then descends and simultaneously slits and cold forms an entire row of half diamonds.
  3. The top die then ascends and moves one half of a diamond to the right as the base sheet or plate moves forward one strand width.
  4. The top die descends, slits and forms another full row of half-diamonds completing a row of full diamonds in two strokes.
  5. The die then ascends and returns to its initial position.

This process then continually repeats until the full sheet of expanded metal is completed. This mesh is then either cut into sheets or rolled into coils for either shipping or additional processing.

Expanded Metal Process



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