Hexagonal expanded metal features hexagonally shaped holes, and as such has larger open areas, usually around 80%. In fact, this expanded metal has the highest open area percentage among expanded metals, but maintains a high strength-to-weight ratio – the hexagonal pattern offers higher strength than the diamond pattern.

Holes are arranged in a staggered pattern so that the midsection of one hole is in line with the top edge of the adjacent hole. This material is often used in architectural load-bearing applications, including facades, roofs, fences, steps, walkways, placards, and many other applications.

Mesh Size Availability

Light meshes (3/16” to 1/2” SWO) are used for light-duty applications such as diffusers, filters, screens, and machine guards. Intermediate meshes (1/2” to 3/4” SWO) are most often used for chimney caps, lockers, vents, patio furniture, and grilles.

Expanded metal in heavier and larger mesh patterns (3/4” to 1 1/2” SWO) are used for recreational facilities, security fencing, machine guards, heavy-duty shelving, ramps, and catwalks. Metalex has the capacity to fabricate products to Military Specification MIL-M-17194 Type II, Class 1, ASTM 1267.

Metalex offers micro mesh products in a variety of sizes, from 0.005” to 0.118” SWO, 0.039” to 0.236” LWO, and 0.005” to 0.079” strand width. Typical applications include audio speaker barriers, light ceiling panels, and air filtration meshes.

Metalex produces metal made using a number of different materials, including stainless, cold-rolled, and galvanized steel; aluminum; and copper. We can produce expanded metal from 0.039” to 6.00” LWO, in several different thicknesses, and in sheet sizes ranging from 4’-8’ wide and 4’-10’ long.