Expanded metal is utilized in a range of applications, and intermediate mesh offers flexibility in a range of materials.

Expanded metal is simply one of the most versatile products available, as it can be used for diverse applications. Expanded metal is available in infinite patterns and offers many advantages for professionals across countless industries. Furthermore, the materials from which expanded metal can be made are equally abundant.

Since expanded metal cannot easily be cut due to its high tensile and impact strength, it’s a highly adaptable and beneficial solution to many of your needs. Our expanded metal products are available in a wide variety of sizes, and can be implemented differently.

Intermediate mesh is one of the many types of expanded metal available, and is a commonly used product due to the benefits it provides. Its applications and advantages aren’t the only factors that make it so versatile; intermediate mesh also is available in a range of materials including cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. Typical patterns of intermediate mesh include ½” to ¾” SWD.

Technical Info

Intermediate Mesh
1/2" #16 Standard
Intermediate Mesh
1/2" #16 Flat
Intermediate Mesh
3/4" #13 Standard
Intermediate Mesh
3/4" #13 Flat


FS161/2" - #16 - Standard860.5001.2000.17565%
FF161/2" - #16 - Flat820.5001.2500.05063%
FS131/2" - #13 - Standard1470.5001.2000.20457%
FF131/2" - #13 - Flat1400.5001.2500..07852%
FS111/2" - #11 - STANDARD208********
FF111/2" - #11 - FLAT198********
HF135/8" - #13 - FLAT1020.6251.5000****
HS115/8" - #11 - STANDARD1640.6251.5000****
KS163/4" - #16 - STANDARD540.9232.0000.21078%
KF163/4" - #16 - FLAT510.9232.1000.04874%
KF143/4" - #14 - FLAT630.9232.1000.06174%
KS133/4" - #13 - STANDARD800.9232.0000.20576%
KF133/4" - #13 - FLAT750.9232.1000.07068%
KS103/4" - #10 (13 GA.) - STANDARD1200.9232.0000.29072%
KF103/4" - #10 (13 GA.) - FLAT1140.9232.1000.07068%
LS161" - #16 - STANDARD441.0002.4000.19282%
LF161" - #16 - FLAT411.0002.5000.05078%
MS161 1/2" - #16 - STANDARD401.3303.0000.23085%
MF161 1/2" - #16 - FLAT381.3303.2000.04883%

Intermediate Mesh Applications

Intermediate mesh is flexible and strong, offering a solution that is unrivaled in terms of cost efficiency. Intermediate mesh is also unique in that so many industries make use of it on a daily basis. In fact, you’ll find intermediate mesh in homes and businesses, schools and restaurants, and many locations in between.

Specifically, some of the many applications for this type of expanded metal include lockers, chimney caps, vents, patio furniture, grilles, and so much more.