Key Information for Ordering Perforated Products

  1. Perforation Pattern – See technical information page or call out your requirement
  2. Specify Pattern Orientation – Direction of pattern on sheet
  3. Material Type – Tin Plate, Cold Rolled Steel, Galvanized, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, etc.
  4. Coating Requirements
  5. Gauge or Material Thickness – Include minimum and maximum thickness required
  6. Width & Length Dimensions – Include tolerances
  7. Margin Requirements – Your preferred dimensions (Specific, Minimum, or None Required)
  8. Quantity – Annual volume and release quantity
  9. Packaging Specifications – Special packaging, type of skid, maximum quantity or weight
  10. Shipping Instructions and Delivery Requirement
  11. Any Certifications, Warrants or PPAP Requirements
  12. Other Critical Characteristics or Information – Mounting holes, special finishes, etc.
  13. Please include Applicable Sketches or Drawings for Custom Application

To make sure we understand and meet your requirements, please sign, date, and email or fax to Metalex so we can begin to process your order, thanks. You can also download the form by clicking here.

Customer: ___________________________________     Date: ____________________________________

Perforation Pattern: ______________________________________________________________________

Orientation: _______________________  Drawing Included: _____________  Material Type: ____________

Coating Requirements: ________________________ Material Thickness:_________ Min. _____  Max._____

Width:__________________________  (+____, -____) Length: ______________________  (+_____, -_____)

Margin Requirements: ___________________________________________________________________

Quantity: Annual______________  Unit_____________  Release:_______________ Unit _____________

Packaging: Type of skid_____________________ Max Qty. or Wt.________________ Unit_____________

Shipping Instructions: ______________________________  Delivery Required: _____________________

Ship-to-Zip Code: ________ Certs Req’d? _________  Warrants: ____________ PPAP:________________

Other Critical Info:_____________________________________________________________________